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Great for outdoors. And indoors too.

Superior build quality coupled with a small footprint make it a great option both for outdoor and indoor use.

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Thin. Really, thin.

Folds into a size which is as thin as your finger. What more do we need to say?

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Built to last

Stainless Steel Rods

Drying rods are made in Stainless Steel Grade 304 to ensure superior corrosion resistance and unparalleled strength.

Powder Coated Carbon Steel Body

Treated Carbon steel body for structural integrity with uniform powder coating offers a clean and elegant look to naturally blend into its surroundings.

Premium joineries

Aluminium pop rivets with self lubricating washers to ensure smooth opening and closing of the flaps and shutters.

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Two sizes fit all.

Two sizes, offering 11 and 21 feet of total drying length respectively.

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Feedback & Reviews

What Our Clients Say

"Superb product. I have installed AEIR in my bedroom. Now I do not have to worry about my clothes getting wet during the monsoons."

Rajini Chhabra
Home Maker

"We have installed 2 units of AEIR in all the flats of our building. Our building now looks much better as no one can see clothes from the outside."

Raghuram Reddy
Sri Krishna Homes, Hyderabad

"I love having coffee in my balcony. With AIER, I have so much more space. Coffee tastes so much better now!"

Mansi Gandhi
Employee Relations Manager, ICICI Bank

"As a Mumbaiker, we have small homes and no balconies. AEIR is the perfect product for people in Mumbai. Now I can dry my clothes while saving so much space once it is folded. Loved it!"

Sanjana Mehta

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