Solar Lamp for Rural India

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India.

A multi functional solar lamp designed to be used in the challenging rural environment. Designed to be used in multiple use conditions while being tough and cost effective.


A complete allrounder.

The brief was to design a study lamp. However, during the research phase of the product we found that it was not just used to study, it was also used as a torch, an ambient light, a spot light and even as a bike headlight. 
What they needed was a complete all rounder.



A lamp that can quickly, easily and efficiently adapts to multiple use conditions.


Cost effective.
Times 7 Million.

Designing a product where the volumes are enormously high is challenging. Even the smallest savings bring out massive gains. The new design was not only cost effective in terms of materials used, but also easier to assemble, maintain and repair if need be.
It was not surprise that this design was approved for manufacturing of 7 Million Units. 
A massive money saver!


Unibody Enclosure

Injection moulded, unibody enclosure to ensure that the entire lamp and the electronics is held together by just two screws.



Not only does it serve as a stable base, but the stand attaches to all pet bottles, hangs on walls and is contoured to be held as a torch too!
Multitasking mastered.

New all_edited.png

Let there be light

Attach a bottle or an umbrella, hold it as a torch or just hang it on the wall.


Better in every way.